Jane Clift - Wire Sculptor.

Jane Clift was born in Essex in 1955 and moved to Hampshire at the age of 8 where she lived for 50 years. She is married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

In 2013 she moved to the beautiful coastal town of Dartmouth in Devon with her husband moving back to Hampshire in 2019. She and now lives in Alresford Hampshire .

Jane initially started A Vintage Garden and became known for finding unusual pieces of art for the outdoors. She started making wire bird sculptures for her own garden, and very quickly took commissions. The first sculpture she sold, was to another artist, and was inspired by murmurations. This continues to be a major influence today. Largely self taught, Jane loves to create birds and small animals. Jane uses lots of different wire using this medium to sketch her sculptures which are a celebration of movement, grace and humour.

Latest Wire work

Wire Swallows on stakes. for the garden.

Swallows on Stakes

Made with 2 gauges of wire Height 198cm

Wire Sanderlings

Trio of Sanderlings

Made with 2 gauges of wire. Each bird measures Height 20cm Length 18cm

Wire Lapwing

Somerset Levels

Made with 2 gauges of wire



Made with 2 gauges of wire

Made from mild steel and wire

Single Poppy Seed Plant Stakes

Made form 2 gauges of wire

Dance like nobody's watching

Made from bare iron wire and painted white

Off to the river

Made from bare iron wire and green mesh

Toad Family

Made from bare iron wire

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Find out more about Jane and her Wire Sculptures. You can contact her on email or over the phone.

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