Making a wire flower

by Jane Clift

Making a wire flower

I take it all back!

I did the park run and absolutely loved it! I think it was taking part of something with loads of other people. Everyone was so supportive, encouraging me to get to the end. It was exhilarating to get to the finish line. I shall definitely do it again!

I’ve made a couple of sculptures this week. A Lapwing and a cormorant. These will be going to the Farnham Maltings. We’ll be there on Saturday 3rd Feb and I hope to see you there.

This week, I’m going to show you how to make a simple flower. These can be really effective in a group. For this I use a 1ml gauge of wire.

Keeping the wire on the reels, start with the length of stem you’d like. make a little ball by wrapping the wire tightly, Flow1 then bring the wire back down and cut off at the same length. take that piece of wire and feed it back through the ball to secure it. Take another length of wire, (keeping it again on the reel), from the botton taking up to the ball and start to wrapit tightly just under the ball. This will for the start of the stemFlow3

After wrapping a few times, start to form your first petal. Flow12 . Continue to make the petals, wrapping it tightly at the top of the stem, and underneath the petals as you go.Flow4 Once you have 7 petals, wrap around under the petals, at the top of the stem, then take the wire back down and cut off. Your stem should consist of three lengths of wire. Now take a long length of 0.5 ml wire and push either end of the wire through the ball and pull tightly. Flow6 You should have two equal lengths of this wire long enough to wrap down the stem. wrap both lengths of wire evenly down the stem. When you get near the bottom, using your pliers, bend the ends up to make a loop and bind the wire around it, to cover and tie the wire into the loop before cutting off and pinching in to secure.Flow9

Next shape your petals and you have your flower! Flow11